I acknowledge the traditional owners of this country that I stand on, and I honour the elders past, present and future.


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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." (Sagan) "Science is the poetry of reality." (Dawkins)

My Scribblings

Alade et al. (including Hunt, R.) (2012), Reach2020: Tele-reach for the Global South, ISU/UniSA 2012 Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program White Paper
Alade et al. (including Hunt, R.) (2012), Telereach.org - a Wiki as partial requirement for ISU/UniSA 2012 Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program
Blackham et al. (including Hunt, R.) (2017), (unpublished) Metallicity Gradient in M31 GC LMXBs - telescope Time Application as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (1982), (unpublished) Growth Responses and Nutrient Uptake of Crops and Pasture after Liming - mini thesis as partial requirement for BAppSc (Biology) from Western Australian Institute of Technology
Hunt, R. (2009), (unpublished) History of Spectroscopy - mini thesis as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2010), (unpublished) Life in the Solar System - mini thesis as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2010), (unpublished) Mars Science: Pre- and Post- Rovers - essay as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2010), (unpublished) Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem - mini thesis as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2010), (unpublished) The Mystery of Gamma Ray Bursts - essay as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2011), (unpublished) Human Spaceflight - mini thesis as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2011), (unpublished) Looking for Extra-Solar Planets - essay as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2012), (unpublished) The Potential for Observing Methane on Mars using Earth-based Extremely Large Telescopes - mini thesis as partial requirement for Graduate Certificate Space Science from University of South Australia
Hunt, R. (2017), (unpublished) 1,000 Days to First Light - the Lowell dome and telescope at Perth Observatory - mini thesis as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2017), (unpublished) Historical Telescopes of the Perth Observatory - mini thesis as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2017), (unpublished) The Astrophysics of Suntanning - essay as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2017), (unpublished) The Fermi Paradox - essay as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
Hunt, R. (2018), (unpublished) Gravitational Waves - essay as partial requirement for MSc (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online

My Experiences

2019 - WA swimming instructor (Vacswim & Interm) at beaches and pools for the WA Education Department
2018 - Self employed Managing Director at Scubayorp Academic & Domestic Outreach
2017/18 - Heritage researcher at the Museum of Perth
2017/18 - Researcher of national security reasoning for IARPA's SWARM Project at University of Melbourne
2017 - Full time studying Masters degree in astronomy at Swinburne Astronomy Online
2016 - Academic Coordinator in Haifa for the International Space University's Space Studies Program 2016
2016 - Logistical teaching associate in Adelaide for the International Space University's Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program 2016
2014/15 - Operations, OH&S, development, HR & Project Manager in Perth for NSB Electrics Pty Ltd and Trathan Developments Pty Ltd
2014 - WA Project Manager in Perth for the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering STELR Program
2014 - WA co-ordinator in Perth for the ATSE Extreme Science Experience
2014 - Logistics assistant in Adelaide for the International Space University's Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program 2014
2013 - Science education enrichment project officer in Perth for University of Western Australia
2013 - Radio telescope assistant engineer, exhibit maintenance officer and visitor tour guide in Gingin for Gravity Discovery Centre
2012 - Voluntary telescope operator, public outreach host, and Heritage Curation Group member in Perth for Perth Observatory
2013 - Teaching Associate in Adelaide for the International Space University's Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program 2013
2012 - Casual Relief Teacher in Ballarat for Ballarat High School
2011 - Mathematics specialist in Ballarat for Federation College
2003 to 2010 - Self employed residential builder in Victoria
2005 to 2009 - Self employed gourmet breakfast manufacturer in Victoria
2002 - Secondary Mathematics and science teacher in Victoria for Kyneton Secondary College
2001 - Secondary Mathematics and science teacher in Victoria for Daylesford Secondary College
1998 to 2000 - Secondary school Casual Relief Teacher in Victoria for Sebastopol Secondary College
1999 - Swimming instructor in Victoria for Daylesford Primary School
1994 - Self employed vermiculturist in Victoria
1986 to 1996 - Owner builder private residence
1986/87 - Technical field specialist in Victoria for Rhone-Poulenc Agrochemicals
1983 to 1985 - Laboratory assistant in Melbourne for Northcote High School
1982 - Agronomy research assistant at Bond Quarries, Western Australia
1982 - Environmental consultant research assistant at LeProvost, Semeniuk & Chalmer, Western Australia
1981 - Delivery truck driver for Harrods, London

Some Associations

* Astronomical Group of Western Australia - "...formed to provide activity and networking for amateur astronomers, with or without their own telescopes..."
* Astronomical Society of Western Australia - "...the premier astronomical society in WA since 1950..."
* Astronomy Education Services - "...dedicated to public outreach and education in astronomy..."
* Australasian Alumni of International Space University - Alumni and friends can share their news, thoughts and ideas
* Australia & New Zealand Space Groups - a list of space 'players' developed to augment a common discussion about our future in space
* Australian Space Research Institute - "...non-profit research organization since early 1990s run by volunteers developing a vision for Australia's space community..."
* Gravity Discovery Centre - public outreach facility of the Australian International Gravitational Observatory
* IceInSpace - "...Australian amateur astronomy, since 2004, dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the southern hemisphere..."
* International Astronautical Federation - "...connecting space people since 1951..."
* International Space University Alumni - "...a non-profit institution providing graduate-level training to the future leaders of the global space community..."
* Mars Drive - "...a vision of a sustainable, long term human and robotic presence in space and on Mars..."
* Mars Society of Australia - "...vision is to position Australia for participation in the eventual establishment of a human presence on Mars..."
* moonmars.com - "...If you're interested in making humanity a multiplanetary species, please join..."
* Moon Society - "...non-profit educational and scientific foundation formed to further scientific study and development of the Moon..."
* National Space Society of Australia - "...a vision for the future of a space program leading to eventual space settlement..."
* Planetary Resources - "...bringing the natural resources of space within humanity's economic sphere of influence..."
* Planetary Society - "...since 1980, inspiring and involving the world's public in space exploration through advocacy, projects, and education..."
* Secure World Foundation - "...Promoting Co-operative Solutions for Space Sustainability..."
* SkyNet - "...a community computing project dedicated to radio astronomy supported by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research..."
* Space Frontier Foundation - "...since 1988, people dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible..."
* Space Generation Advisory Council - "...represents students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia..."
* Space Studies Institute - "...Our mission is not complete until people are living and working in space..."
* The Space Movement - "...Humanity must expand beyond the limits of Earth..."
* Space Renaissance Initiative - "...advocate and defend humanity's expansion into space as the most ethical task of the immediate future..."
* Stargazers Club in Western Australia - "...an online club especially for families and people interested in finding out what you can see in the night sky when you're at home..."
* Stirling Toastmasters - "...to build communication skills ... with regard to public speaking, through regular practice and supportive feedback in a friendly environment..."
* Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - "...believes in a space-faring civilization and focusing the enthusiasm of young people..."
* Swinburne Astronomy Online Alumni - fully online postgraduate degrees in astronomy

My Tickets

2018 - Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety from Austswim Ltd
2018 - Master of Science (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
2017 - Graduate Diploma Science (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
2016 - Barista Basics course from Fremantle Baristas
2016 - Food Handling certificate from Food Safety Australia
2016 - International Driving Permit from RAC Western Australia
2016 - Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate from Arrow Training Services
2015 - Working with Children Check from WA Department of Child Protection
2014 - PADI Rescue Diver SCUBA certificate from Diving Frontiers, Western Australia
2014 - PADI Emergency First Response certificate from Diving Frontiers, Western Australia
2014 - F Class bus driver licence from WA Department of Transport
2014 - WA Worksafe building site OH&S White Card from Blue Dog Training
2014 - PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA certificate from Diving Frontiers, Western Australia
2013 - Sargeant At Arms at Stirling Toastmasters
2013 - PADI Open Water SCUBA certificate from Diving Frontiers, Western Australia
2012 - Host/Telescope Operator Star Viewing Nights at Perth Observatory
2012 - Graduate Certificate (Space Studies) from University of South Australia
2012 - Executive Certificate (Space Studies) from Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program from International Space University and University of South Australia
2012 - Working with Children Check from WA Department of Child Protection
2012 - Working with Children Check from Department of Justice Victoria
2012 - Laser pointer licence from Victoria Police
2012 - Endorsed Light-Rigid truck driving licence from WA Department of Transport
2012 - Registration with Victorian Institute of Teaching
2012 - Registration with Teacher Registration Board of WA
2012 - Commercial passenger bus driving licence from Victorian Department of Transport
2011 - Graduate Certificate Science (Astronomy) from Swinburne Astronomy Online
2011 - Cert IV Training & Assessment (TAE 40110) from BEST Community Development
2010 - Cert Senior First Aid, Workplace Level 2 from Australian Red Cross
2006 - Cert Food Safety Supervisor from BRACE Education, Training & Employment
2006 - Cert Food Handling from BRACE Education, Training & Employment
2005 - Cert IV Residential Building Management from Housing Industry Association
1999 - Graduate Diploma Computer Science (partial) from Edith Cowan University
1998 - Cert Swimming Instruction from Austswim Australia
1997 - Grad Diploma Education (Secondary Science) from Monash University
1996 - Chinese Cooking Certificate from Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre
1996 - Genealogy Research Certificate from BRACE, Ballarat
1992 - Grad Diploma Land Rehabilitation (partial) from University of Ballarat
1982 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Biology) from Curtin University
1982 - Certificate Basic SCUBA Diving from Curtin University
1978 - Cocktail Bar Certificate from Australian International Catering College Perth
1976 - Certificate of Secondary Education from Churchlands Senior High School


These are the main research names in my genealogy: Hunt (Dorset), Davies (Cardiganshire), Hough (Derbyshire), Few (London), Moloney (Ireland), Boase (AUS & UK), Delaney (Dublin), Boyd (Devon)

Useful mailing lists

SpaceRef - email list
ESA - email lists
NASA - email lists
NASA Astrobiology Institute - email lists
Space Engine - email list
Spaceflightnow - launch alerts
Vandenberg Airforce Base - launch alerts
SpaceInfo - email list
American Association for the Advancement of Science - email list
Square Kilometre Array Telescope - monthly updates
Spacex's - newsletter
Space Jobs
Space Careers

History of Astronomy and Space Exploration

Space Age Archaeology - a blog by Dr Alice Gorman
Apollo Lunar Surface Journals - transcripts for NASA
second-by-second Ground Loop and Houston - by Thamtech
History of Space Exploration - "There are things that are known and things that are unknown; in between is exploration."
Any Day In Space History - exhaustive list of events for any date
A summary - from University of California's Centre for Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Women in Astronomy - a terrific site from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
African-Americans in Astronomy - from About.com
The First Astronomers - were Australian Aboriginals
Encyclopedia Astronautica - a fantastic site with categorised list of rocketry, space flight and astronaut history

Space Law and Policy

UN Office for Outer Space Affairs - home page
Australian Government Space Portal - home page
Australia's Space Activities Act 1998
Secure World Foundation
European Centre for Space Law

Writing an essay or researching a topic?

Aerospaceweb - terrific resource for aerospace answers
ApJ - The Astrophysical Journal guidelines for publishing and referencing - hosted by American Astronomical Society
arXiv - astrophysics e-prints from Cornell University and the University of Adelaide
Ask an Astrophysicist - from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre
Astronautics Now - also everything you ever wanted to know about space exploration
Astronomy lectures - 'Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology' from University of Tennessee
Astronomy Research links - from Swinburne University library
Astrophysical Calculator - from Chris Dolan
Astroweb - " ...a collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet... maintained by... a collaboration involving 9 individuals at 7 institutions"
CDS - The Strasbourg astronomical Data Center in France with databases including Simbad, VizieR and Aladin
COSMOS - Swinburne Astronomy Online's astronomy encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics - subscription purchase required
Google Scholar - not a bad place to start if you have no leads
Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics - a great online resource by Martin Zombeck
HST Search Form - search the Hubble data sets
Hyperphysics - from Georgia State University
Journal Abbreviations - recommended abbreviations for journals
The Universes of Max Tegmark - website of cosmologist, Prof. Max Tegmark, Physics Department, MIT
Russian Digital Text Library - use Chrome to auto-translate
Mission and Spacecraft Library - from JPL
NASAs National Space Science Data Centre - details about space craft, missions and experiments
National Space Science Data Center - NASA's archive of space data
NED - NASA/IPAC Extra galactic Database from Caltech and JPL
Open Aerospace - a free, open information-sharing web site on all things aerospace
SAO/NASA ADS - search millions of publications in this digital library operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Scholarpedia Astrophysics - a wiki clone with peer reviewed articles written by experts
Solar System Dynamics - from Jet Propulsion Laboratory
space.com - space news online
spaceflightnow - the latest news
SpaceRef - everything you ever wanted to know about space exploration
Spherical Trigonometry - from Wolfram Mathworld
Universe Today - Universe Today web site
Wiki Space - an astronomy wiki
Wordnet - Princeton University's online dictionary

Observatories and Projects

Australian National Telscope Facility - Parkes, Narrabri, Mopra, Tidbinbilla, VLBI & ASKAP
Mt Stromlo & Siding Spring Observatory - at the Australian National University
Perth Observatory - at Bickley, Western Australia
Anglo-Australian Observatory - "...provides world-class optical and infrared observing facilities..."
Gemini Observatories - Hawaii and Chile, offering whole sky optical and IR astronomy
Keck Observatory - "To advance the frontiers of astronomy and share our discoveries with the world."
National Solar Observatory (USA) - New Mexico and Arizona facilities
SKA - the next big thing in global radio telescopes
ESO - European Southern Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Deep Space Network - a global network of radio telescopes
SkyNet - uses your spare CPU time to analyse astronomical data (an ICRAR initiative)
SPIRIT - robotic telescope for Western Australian students (an ICRAR initiative)

Launches and What's On?

NASA's JPL Space Calendar - occultations, flybys, conferences etc etc
world launch ports - spacetoday.com's launch site page
Space X - what's happening at Space Exploration Technologies
Tanegashima - JAXA's launch facility
Arianespace - Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launches from Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana since 1980
Launch schedule - from spaceflightnow
Baikonur - cosmodrome launch facility


Handbook of Committee on Earth Observation Satellites - an exhaustive database of remote sensing satellites and their function
Heavens Above - online satellite position prediction plus other cool stuff
Universities and Research Centres - large list from Satellite on the Net
Satellite launch schedule - from Satellite on the Net
Commercial Satellite web links - a huge list of categorised links to companies in the industry


Earth Monitoring and Reference Systems - astronomical information from Geoscience Australia
Astronomical Almanac Online - "...precise ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, planets, and satellites, data for eclipses and other astronomical phenomena..."
US Naval Observatory - Astrometry, Astro Apps, Earth Orientation, Precise Time etc
International Meteor Organization - " since 1988....an international scientific non-profit organization...to encourage, support and coordinate meteor observing"
International Occultation Timing Association - how, when and where to watch occultations
Skippy Sky - astro-weather forecast
Meteor Showers - how, when and where, by Gary Kronk
Your Sky - online planetarium to find out what your sky contains at any time
Satellite Tracking - where are they right now?
Space Weather - "News and information about the Sun-Earth environment."
Solar System Simulator - from JPL
Astronomy Picture of the Day - for those into pics

Astro Societies

Planetary Society - founded by Carl Sagan et al in 1980, "the largest and most influential public space organization group on Earth"
International Astronomical Union - since 1919
Nobel Prize - look up influential astronomers
American Astronomical Society - since 1899
Astronomical Society of Australia - since 1966
Chinese Astronomical Society - since 1922
American Association of Amatuer Astronomers - AAAA online since 1996
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - RASC since 1886 with over 4000 members and 29 centres across Canada eh

National Space Agencies

Australia's Government Space portal
Space Agencies - an exhaustive list of links from Satellite Links, in the UK
NASA - the USA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Missions - alphabetical listing of all missions with links to their specific web pages
TV - live ISS feeds, launches, educational and documentaries
Astrobiology - are we alone?
Planet Quest - Exoplanet Exploration page from JPL Caltech
Mars - Mars Exploration Program home page
Planet Fact Sheets - basic data for Solar System planets (including Pluto)
Solar System ephemera - the HORIZONS system for determining current ephemera
PDS - Planetary Data System cataloguing mission raw data
ISS - International Space Station
Roscosmos - Russian Federal Space Agency
Energia - S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation
ESA - European Space Agency
JAXA - Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency
ASI - Italian Space Agency
INPE - Brazil's National Institute for Space Research
CSA - Canadian Space Agency
DLR - German Aerospace Centre
CNES - French National Centre for Space Studies
ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation
CNSA - China National Space Administration
SANSA - South African National Space Agency

Personal web sites

Bad Astronomy - Phil Plait's widely referenced astronomy web site dedicated to addressing astronomy misconceptions
The Worlds of David Darling - encyclopaedic knowledge base
Astronomy Online - Ricky Murphy's web site and blog
Wolfram Mathworld - Eric Weisstein's extensive math site
Rocket and Space Technology - orbital mechanics, launch vehicles, missions, and a forum by Robert Braeunig
Online Astronomy Text Book - by Courtney Seligman
Stars - by Jim Kaler at University of Illinois
James Schombert - University of Oregon astronomy site
Astrophysics - by J Tatum
Fourmilab - John Walker's astronomy and space web pages

Tourism and Education

Australian Astronomy - resources for studying astronomy in Australia
Open Culture - hundreds of free online university courses
Astronomy FM - astronomy radio, pics, pods etc
The Astronomical Tourist - Dr Chris Fluke's guide to global astronomy history sites
Kennedy Space Centre - buy tickets to watch a launch or tour the facilities
studyastronomy.com - online astronomy degree from University of Central Lancashire
LearnOutLoud.com - a list of astronomy podcasts
Victorian Space Science Education Centre - at Strathmore Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia
SAO - Swinburne Astronomy Online rocks!

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